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Jean Moorhead, 1927 - 2019


We would like to honor Jean Moorhead, our beloved director from 1960-1992. Jean inspired parents and teachers alike with the quote, “There are two gifts we should offer our children; one is roots, and the other is wings.” (Hodding Carter)


Jean brought her love of music into the lives of children. She respected all children, encouraged their individuality and guided each to develop within their own framework.


BCSO is the loving, nurturing place it is today because of Jean’s influence. We are committed to joyfully and passionately carrying on Jean’s legacy of supporting children and their families as we learn and grow together.


It is with immense gratitude to the Moorhead family that we accept donations in honor of Jean and the countless lives she influenced and hearts she touched within our Broadway community and beyond.

Words for Jean

We invite you to share cherished memories of Jean.

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