December 2014


Welcome back after the Thanksgiving Holiday! The Parent Conferences went very well. The teachers really appreciated getting together with you. For the Rainbow Room Parents who did not conference, there will be more Teacher Conferences on January 28. There will be a sign-up sheet for this when we return from the Winter Break. There will be no Extended Care on January 28.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the BCSO parents, who do so much for us!! From work days, to serving on committees and the board, raking the leaves, doing book orders, giving donations of time and money, volunteering in the classroom, making our NEW WEBSITE and numerous other things to keep the school going.  You all contribute to the very special school that we are!!

The next Holiday Season has arrived!! This can be a frantic time of year when some of the simple pleasures can be forgotten or left out. The staff would like to remind you that the most important gifts are the giving of yourself, especially to your children. There is nothing more cherished than sitting quietly reading a special book or taking a walk to look at the trees or the night sky.

We have started talking about the changes that happen during the Winter season. Some animals have a winter sleep, some hibernate and some animals manage in the cold. We are also learning about how each other celebrates with their families.

The Food Drive was a success; we collected 76 pounds of food!! Thank you for being the example and teaching your child/children how to give to others.

Gentle Reminders – please check the Snack Sign-up list on the Parent Board, we have some vacancies and we need to fill them; applications for next year new enrollees are now being accepted; visiting dates are posted on the NEW WEBSITE.


BCSO Director