Broadway's teachers come from many backgrounds, each with a wealth of experience and a passion for Early Childhood Education. Our dedicated team is committed to fostering a supportive community where children, families, and teachers thrive as they come together to learn and grow.

Our Staff

Diana Davis

Diana has been at Broadway Children’s School since 2008. For the first eight years at BCSO she was a teacher in both Rainbow and Sunshine programs, then took on the additional role of site supervisor in 2016. Diana became the School Director in 2018. 

Prior to and during her time teaching at Broadway, Diana worked for a family taking care of their two boys from infancy into their teens.  She was also employed shortly out of college at a center where she supported and taught severely emotionally challenged children in a school which focused on social emotional growth.


Diana holds a BA in German from Fordham University and is continuing her studies in the field of Early Childhood Education Administration at Merritt College.


Diana feels it is a privilege to be with children and their families during the early years of coming together in a learning community.  She has a passion for teaching and modeling kindness to the children in hopes that this will have a ripple effect as they move throughout their communities.  Diana is expanding her horizons by adhering to a Growth Mindset philosophy of learning.

Cirila Call
Teacher, MWF Rainbow Room (4 year olds)

Cirila earned an education degree from Hunter College, City University of New York. It wasn’t until her own children attended at play-based co-op preschool that she realized how much she enjoys working with preschool aged children. She is currently studying Early Childhood Education at Merritt College.


Cirila is excited to be at Broadway Children’s School. She believes that children learn through play, observation and exploration. She hopes to support each child and their family as they work together to develop a love of learning; about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Ashley Jaime
Teacher, Rainbow Room (4-year-olds), Tuesday/Thursday Sunshine Room (3-year-olds)
Clare Connelly
Teacher, MWF Rainbow Room (4-year-olds)
Jennifer McManus

Assistant Director

Teacher, MWF Rainbow Room (4 year olds)

MWF Extended Care

When her daughter moved on to kindergarten from the Rainbow Room, Jennifer wasn’t ready to leave Broadway--so she didn’t! She joined Broadway’s Extended Care staff in Fall 2005 and the Rainbow Room teaching team the following year. Jennifer has been the Assistant Director since 2018.


Jennifer has a B.A. in History from Boston College and her Early Childhood Education units from Merritt College. She has attained a Site Supervisor credential from the State of California.


Jennifer delights in fostering children’s natural curiosity and joy, from the initial discovery of worms in the dirt box to the sweetness of first friendships. She shares her passion for stories and storytelling with her students whenever she gets the chance! 

Madeline Horton
Teacher, MWF Sunshine Room (3 year olds)
PACT (2 year olds) and Tuesday/Thursday Extended Care

I am an Oakland native from a family of six children.


My daughter, Jeanie was a student at Broadway when I resumed preschool teaching here in 1993.  I have a degree in Psychology and a Children’s Center Instructional Credential.  I also have a Program Directors Permit. 


I previously taught in over 60 children’s centers in the San Francisco Unified School District as a traveling substitute teacher.


I love cooking, gardening and painting watercolors.

Lisa Klyce
Teacher, PACT (2 year olds)

Lisa Klyce first walked through the doors of Broadway Children’s School in 2002 as a parent in the PACT program and never left.  Her children are members of the classes of ’05 and ’08.  She has been a substitute teacher at Broadway since 2006.  In 2015, Lisa became a teacher in the PACT program.


Lisa received a B.A. in Child Development with a minor in Family studies from Humboldt State University.  She holds a California State Child Development Site Supervisor Permit.


Lisa is passionate about teaching children and supporting families.  Working in this field truly fills her heart and soul.